Explora is Italy’s first private non-profit Children’s Museum. Explora hosts schools and families each year and offers educational activities and workshops on subjects such as Science, New Technologies, Environment, Art and Research, supporting culture and knowledge. The Museum offers children an opportunity to play, experiment and learn in the field as well as occasions for socialisation and education; it also promotes the development of children’s cognitive and emotional capacities. The informal approach, learning by doing, allows planning activities based on hands-on learning that let children learn by doing and develop observation skills through exciting and amusing experiences, designed for all age groups.

Toilet Arts

Toilets for Future

The Explora AAA Festival will take place on November 20th, the International Children’s Day. This is a big event for the Museum and all families attending workshops and activities that will open up the new toilet facilities implemented for the AAA project.

A free-admission day dedicated to the environment and sustainability that will see the participation of artist Cristina Damiani and the Mook, during the refurbishing works of toilets at Explora and two schools through a joint design effort with students.

The choice made by the Museum for the A.A.A. project was to add artistic value to the public toilet facilities of the Museum. Toilet Art focuses on:

  • Accessibility : making public toilet facilities an inclusive place;
  • Play – Sociality – Sharing : common spaces usually considered for private use with a specific focus on hands washing, a social moment that can turn into food for thought on water recycling;
  • Enviroment sustainability – Environmental Resources – Power Savings: in line with the goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development;
  • Interaction between mankind and nature: through the study of human actions on water in nature.

The works in the toilet facilities of the Museum will consist of a graphic part for walls, upholstery, doors and mirrors, and a material part with shapes applied to walls or ceiling.

Graphic design shapes will be about fluids, specifically about water and its cycle, and geometric patterns based on simplicity.

A series of workshops for children, designed and developed by the Explora educational team and focused on science, sustainability and the environment, will also be in place. The workshops will be available to visiting families on the launching day, but they will also be part of the new curriculum for schools in 2012-2022

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