ArtReach is a unique cultural development agency combining high level strategic consultancy expertise alongside major festival and event delivery. A creative arts organisation and charity who delivers projects and events that bring communities together to share and celebrate culture. We work with artists, creatives, and community leaders to develop inclusive and accessible participatory programmes that give communities a voice, opportunities to create connections with their neighbours and reach out across language, religion, culture, and race.

Toilets for dialogue between culture / Festival

Accessible Art for All in Leicester was part of Liberty UK Festival. Liberty UK Festival is a multi-artform festival that explores the connection between art and activism, working with communities to make their stories heard and expose hidden inequalities. We knew that many communities in Leicester had suffered because of the pandemic, with growing rates of reported hate crimes and blame being targeted at the most vulnerable. So, we took this important opportunity to engage different communities in conversations about cultural differences and division with the aim of increasing advocacy and tolerance in the city as it emerged from lockdown. We commissioned 5 exceptional artists who created beautiful and thought-provoking work which formed part of a bigger programme of work that was installed in unusual and unexpected places across the city centre including a giant fly poster campaign that was created by young people and murals in pub beer gardens.

Diversity Festival

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AAAEU project on the BBC

Leicester City Centre was filled with colourful art trails as part of the Liberty UK Festival. Running from 10 July – 15 August, the festival was bringing together international artists and local artists to fill the town with brand new artworks in unusual locations. Working…

How toilet art in Leicester unlocks conversations

As part of the Accessible Art for All programme at Liberty UK Festival, 5 artists were selected to create work in public spaces across Leicester city centre in 2021. These exhibitions and installations all focused on a theme of community cohesion and inclusivity. Many communities…

Toilets. So frequently used, so rarely thought about…

Our organisation works in a building that has many offices, we all share toilets and bathrooms, some floors even have showers. Out of all the toilets that are in this building, one is part of the amazing Toilet Twinning scheme, being sponsored for that scheme by the independent…

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