MUZEIKO Foundation supports the activity of Bulgaria’s first children’s science centre – currently the biggest one of this type in the Balkans. With a team of over 20 scientists and educators, it specialises in science communication for children and adult audiences, non-formal and informal learning, programmes and exhibits for children of age 0 to 12. Muzeiko aims to inspire children and young people to explore the wonders of science, technology and art; to provoke them to think, create, learn, risk and succeed, so that they can grow as future leaders and entrepreneurs. Muzeiko’s pedagogical approach is centred around strategies of indirect instruction, collaborative and reciprocal learning. The activities are based on the theories of learning by doing, learning through play, project-based and object-based learning, incorporating principles of multiple intelligences and other techniques for accelerated learning and expanding children’s potential.

Toilets fo future / Festival

MUZEIKO Foundation invites children, youth and their families to the Festival of Diversity, which will be held on July 3 and 4, 2021 from 11:00 to 15:00 in the open air space at the House of Culture “Krasno Selo” and on July 17th and 18th at the Serdika Gallery on the premises of the Women’s Market in Sofia.
We challenge young and old to test their abilities, learn something new, improve their artistic skills and have fun!
Admission is free and everyone is welcome to take part in the quests. The programme brings together a number of organisations working towards various causes in the field of disability and human rights. Trying to cater to the needs of everyone, we have envisaged:

– Stroezhko area with construction sets for children and adults;
– creative workshops with different techniques – modelling, drawing, photography, collage, incl. computer art, in which participants will gain an insight in professional designer’s software;
– tactile walks to experience the city in a different way;
– acquaintance with sign language;
– an exploratory tour of the Women’s Market, in which we will feel its spirit, history, cultural uniqueness and culinary exoticism;
– children’s game for civil rights;
– theatrical performance “Turn off the light bulb, plant a tree”;
– stalls of social enterprises and many other surprises.
The event is part of the international initiative “AAA – Accessible Art for All”, which uses the means of art to draw attention to important social issues. In recent months, artists in various fields have offered their projects for artistic interventions in 3 toilets in Sofia in order to encourage reflection and sensitivity to the problems of people with different intellectual, sensory and physical abilities. They were reviewed by a seven-member jury of artists and activists for equal rights of people with disabilities.
The work on the art installations by the 3 winners is underway, and in parallel with it, the winning artists – Lyceum for Arts and Foreign Languages ARTIS, Polina Gerasimova and the team of architects Maria Badeva and Gergana Popova – will take an active part in the Festival of Diversity.
The event is co-organised by the House of Culture “Krasno selo” and Pazari Vazrazhdane SJSC (the municipal company managing Sofia’s open markets).
The AAA Open Call and the Festival of Diversity are implemented with the financial support of the Creative Europe Program of the European Union and Sofia Municipality’s Culture Programme.

Diversity Festival

Diversity Festival

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The AAA Diversity Festival

The AAA Diversity Festival on July 3-4 and July 17-18 in Sofia brings together artists from different fields

Finalists in the Open Call “Accessible Art for All”

After a final meeting of the members of the jury in the AAA – Accessible Art for All Open Call on 19.05.2021, the three creative projects with a social message were announced.

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