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You’ve come to the right place! The Regional Museum of Kristianstad, founded in 1878, has something for everyone. At the main square in the center of Kristianstad, you can today find our permanent and temporary exhibition halls, popular Café and the Kristianstad Center of Contemporary Art.

A short distance away is the Film Museum, with the oldest intact film studio in Sweden. The Regional Museum of Kristianstad also includes Åhus museum, the Railway Museum and three open-air museums. The museum in Kristianstad have three permanent exhibitions. Scania through the ages is an exhibition of the history of Scania for all senses, and all ages. Another exhibition will take you on a tour of the rich military history of Kristianstad and the battles between Sweden and Denmark for the south parts of the country.

The third permanent exhibition explores the film history of the region. There are approximately 50 staff and 120 000 visitors per year. We have normally approximately 200 programme activities/year (lectures, workshops, music, theatre, yoga in the exhibitions and many other things).We work with engagement and outreach to various groups, with a focus on people with disabilities, the LGBTQ community and immigrants, since inclusion and openness are important issues to us. One of our main missions is to be an institution of learning and education.

Toilets against bullying and discrimination / Festival

The Bästa Biennalen is a regional investment in children’s and young people’s encounters with contemporary art. The Biennale works for the accessible and inclusive art space for all ages and makes professional art visible to children and young people by coordinating a recurring regional art biennial every two years. The Bästa Biennalen’s art biennial has been around since 2013 and takes place during the autumn holidays around Skåne. The content of the art biennial is produced by various participants such as art institutions, actors from the free cultural life and municipalities together with artists. The Best Biennale works all year round with development work, continuing education, networking and collaboration, primarily in Skåne but also at national and international level. In 2021, the biennal runs from October 23 to November 7. The Regional museum Skåne participates with Accessible Art for All projects, an artist-led workshop for the target group and a peak view of the toilet artworks.

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