AAA – accessible art for all

AAA. Accessible Art for All is a multi-targeted European initiative, primarily aimed at raising the awareness on important messages for future European societies through arts and culture: from climate change and environmental sustainability, to the importance of being in the EU, a society which should always be against bullying and discrimination and inclusive with migrants and refugees.

Festivals themes

Toilets for Future


AAA in Rome gets inspired by Fridays for Future, the movement initiated by Greta Thunberg and linked to the EU environmental priorities. By joining this project, Explora wants to redesign the toilet facilities of the Museum, adopt new water-saving technologies and focus on the importance of having more sustainable and environmentally friendly places to raise awareness of children and families.

Toilets for Erasmus Generation


in Hamburg AAA is connected to the importance of European common history, values and benefits, represented by the most well-know European program, symbol of an entire generation, Erasmus. The challenge is to communicate the importance of being in the EU, especially to the young, who might be attracted by extremist and populist movements;

Toilets against bullying and discrimination


in Kristianstad AAA promotes an inclusive society – starting from people with disabilities, the project will tackle any types of bullying and discrimination – from traditional to hate speech and cyber bullying, or further discriminations based on race, religion, sexual orientation;

Toilets for dialogue between culture


in Leicester AAA is linked to the kaleidoscope of different cultures that coexist together. By involving under-represented groups, migrants and refugees, and through contaminations with local initiatives (LIBERTY UK International), the project will promote dialogue and positive benefits of living in a multicultural society

Toilets against bullying and discrimination


THE AAA. Festival against bullying and discrimination in Sofia addresses the theme of diversity through the exclusive eyes of children, youth, and families. By bringing together national and international organisations active in the field of disabilities and human rights, it uses the means of art to draw attention to these crucial societal issues.





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AAA at Fiera Didacta

From May 20th to 22nd 2022, Explora took part in the fifth edition of Fiera Didacta Italia, hosted in Florence at Fortezza da Basso.Didacta represents the most important trade fair on innovation in the world of education, with the aim of fostering the debate on…

Outside Explora: Toilet Art goes everywhere

I think having land and not ruining it is the most beautiful art that anybody could ever want.A. Warhol More and more art with AAA. Accessible Art for All! Thanks to the AAA. project, Toilet art leaves the Explora Museum and reaches the roman health center Santa…

Meetings with Art: Irene Guerrieri

“The human being expresses itself through artistic work and denounces its discomforts, its fears, its joys, its sorrows, its needs in the search for a better world” Irene Guerrieri Among the artists of AAA. Accessible Art for All, we meet Irene Guerrieri, an architect and…

Meetings with Art: Angela Bombardi

“I believe that social art will play an increasingly important role in spurring change” Angela Bombardi Let’s get to know more about the artists involved in AAA. Accessible Art for All by interviewing Angela Bombardi, a young artist from Ferrara who transform her art into…

Digital art in the art process: the challenge from the children’s museum

Queer creatures move around the silent sea bottom, pushed along by ocean currents. Before our eyes, we see razor-sharp finned shredder fish swimming by, robot submarines sucking up waste and several starfish grabbing plastic with their arms. Their colours catch every hue of the rainbow,…

Toilet art goes to school!

Thanks to the AAA project, the interventions in the two toilets of the Malvano and Zandonai schools of the I.C. Petrassi in Rome have been completed: a process that began thanks to a meeting between students and artists that allowed to explore the theme of…

AQUAE! World Water Day 2022

Explora participates at the event “AQUAE! World Water Day 2022” where is going to  presents the European  project “AAA. Accessible Art for All” The event promoted by the University of Rome Foro Italico and by the Italian Society of Hygiene is held in Rome in…

AAAEU project on the BBC

Leicester City Centre was filled with colourful art trails as part of the Liberty UK Festival. Running from 10 July – 15 August, the festival was bringing together international artists and local artists to fill the town with brand new artworks in unusual locations. Working…

Sea cleaning creatures – AAA Festival in Rome

From Friday 19th to Sunday, November 21st, Explora is host to the AAA Festival: three days to illustrate “Accessible Art for All”, the European project that made it possible to bring works of art to unusual places, such as toilet facilities at Explora, by turning them into works…

How toilet art in Leicester unlocks conversations

As part of the Accessible Art for All programme at Liberty UK Festival, 5 artists were selected to create work in public spaces across Leicester city centre in 2021. These exhibitions and installations all focused on a theme of community cohesion and inclusivity. Many communities…