AAA. Accessible Art for All is a multi-targeted European initiative, primarily aimed at raising the awareness on important messages for future European societies through arts and culture: from climate change and environmental sustainability, to the importance of being in the EU, a society which should always be against bullying and discrimination and inclusive with migrants and refugees.

In collaboration with selected artists, we will deliver in 5 partner cities important messages for current and future European societies, through art in toilets (toilet art) and local festivals with high impacts.

In particular:
TOILETS FOR FUTURE: in Rome AAA is connected to Fridays for Future, the movement initiated by Greta Thunberg and linked to the EU environmental priorities. Several cultural organisations are moving plastic free and museums must play a role in achieving this goal. The recent initiative “No plastic, more fun” – a network of Italian pubs and bars that are replacing disposable plastic with more sustainable solutions – inspired us. Muzeiko will deliver one smaller, but similar, TOILETS FOR FUTURE festival in Sofia;

TOILETS FOR THE ERASMUS GENERATION: in Hamburg AAA is connected to the importance of European common history, values and benefits, represented by the most well-know European program, symbol of an entire generation, Erasmus. The challenge is to communicate the importance of being in the EU, especially to the young, who might be attracted by extremist and populist movements;

TOILETS AGAINTS BULLYING AND DISCRIMINATION: in Kristianstad AAA promotes an inclusive society – starting from people with disabilities, the project will tackle any types of bullying and discrimination – from traditional to hate speech and cyber bullying, or further discriminations based on race, religion, sexual orientation;

TOILETS FOR DIALOGUE BETWEEN CULTURE: in Leicester AAA is linked to the kaleidoscope of different cultures that coexist together. By involving under-represented groups, migrants and refugees, and through contaminations with local initiatives (LIBERTY UK International), the project will promote dialogue and positive benefits of living in a multicultural society.

Why toilet?
A toilet is an important place where (besides everything) we sometimes come up with ideas or insights, we often think, at times we read or reflect. There is a toilet in every home or public place and we often take it for granted. However, try going to the toilet if it is located in a basement and you are in a wheelchair or pushing a pram. Or, find out how to flush the water if you cannot see. Or, dare wash your hands using an intelligent faucet and water sink system, if you have intellectual difficulties.

With the help of artistic solutions and interventions, that immerse people actively into an emotional experience, we would like to make better use of the time we spend in the toilet by turning it into a transformative journey towards becoming more sensitive and compassionate people. This will help us understand and accept physical or other barriers that “close” the access to toilets (and not only) for some of us and also divide us.

Today, these lines of separation are stronger than ever and go beyond physical and mental limitations.

We believe that experiencing limitations will make us more empathetic and understanding of each other, and we are convinced of the power of art to deliver this message.The toilet is an unconventional place for such a project. The choice is purposeful and provocative and hopes to achieve a change in attitudes of non-acceptance and confrontation through art.