think having land and not ruining it is the most beautiful art that anybody could ever want.
A. Warhol

More and more art with AAA. Accessible Art for All!

Thanks to the AAA. project, Toilet art leaves the Explora Museum and reaches the roman health center Santa Maria della Pietà. The works were made by the Bulgarian artist designer and illustrator Stefka Koleva, who renews the space with colorful marine representations, supporting, also on this occasion, the attention of the AAA. project towards environmental sustainability and respect for Nature.

The art installation – Visible Vision – in the bathrooms of Santa Maria della Pietà in Rome, reminds to adults and children how Nature is our greatest teacher. Thanks to her, even a drop of water is transformed into vital essence for the entire planet, a place we often forget is interconnected. Visible Nature is always with us. We should raise childrens’ awareness on it since it will: let them focus on the small things, let them notice they are living surrounded with millions of plants and animals, let them explore the great way in which our world is build. If we give greater attention to Nature it will be returned to us in the shape of wellness, health and inspiration by the greatest teacher of all. Simple is more: blinded by the greatness intelligence of Nature, we often miss the important things hidden in the small things. One of the hardest thing to learn is having this point of view about simplicity. There are many vibes in Nature, but we are not always able to see them. Showing to our children the Nature, will teach them about the world they live in. Our mission for the future generation is to help Mother Nature get into children’s hearts and make them strong and suitable humans for the future. The world is so big that we cannot see it. The little things around us are so many that is hard to notice them. Life magic seems to become INVISIBLE for us to realise. By looking at BIG & SMALL simultaneously  we will remove the contrast between them and see the HARMONY of life. Water is the nature element that connects and touches everything. It is the place where LIFE had started and it creates the balance of coexisting. Seeing the interconnections is becoming more and more important” said Stefka.

Once again, art opens new prospects on environmental sustainability, an AAA’ theme, born with the idea of involving children and families in workshops and creative workshops, festivals with artists, new digital art installations aimed at environmental sustainability and in line with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development goals. 

Guest in Rome for the woks related to the health ceter Santa Maria della Pietà in Rome, the Bulgarian artist also meets children at the Museum of Via Flaminia on Thursday, May 12, for the activity Back on tree, in which they will discover how to create natural forms, approach recycling and take care of nature. A meeting between artist and children for an activity in which to discover how to create natural forms, approach reuse and take care of nature. A manual and creative workshop that starts from the observation of nature and arrives at the realization of small do-it-yourself trees born from the union of paper and color. 

A second work is carried out at the Roman headquarters of the Service for the Protection of Mental Health and Rehabilitation of the Developmental Age “La Scarpetta” by the group of artists Mook.