Thanks to the AAA project, the interventions in the two toilets of the Malvano and Zandonai schools of the I.C. Petrassi in Rome have been completed: a process that began thanks to a meeting between students and artists that allowed to explore the theme of the bathroom.

What comes to mind when I say the word bathroom? The co-design adventure with the school’s pupils began with this very question. Through a process of creation, the bathroom was immediately identified as a place full of suggestions that inevitably brings us back to contact with water.

Together with Carlo Nannetti of Mook, the classes were able to contribute to the realization of creative ideas later translated into large graphic elements useful to customize the school bathrooms, making them spaces in which to pause and reflect on the importance of water for the life of the entire planet.

Water pipes, drops, fish, jellyfish: the wonderful world of water seen through the eyes of the children was transformed into colorful signs that enriched the ceilings, walls and doors of the school bathrooms.

At the end of the toilet art interventions in the bathrooms, all the children, supported by Explora’s staff, had the opportunity to make creations and inventions dedicated to the cleaning of the oceans, reflecting on the respect for the sea and the impact that our actions have on the environment.

“I built a fish in the shape of a basket to collect all the waste of the sea”


My marine vacuum cleaner has eyes to see where all the waste is


The sea is full of microplastics, which is why you break the food chain where all the waste is